Associate of Ministry

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Tuition: $3,299

The Associate of Ministry Track is 36 Hours – Total Hours Required 60

Prerequisites: Core Curriculum – Click here for details
Hours required over the track are made up of life/work/ministry (LWMT) credits, prerequisites and electives.

This degree is designed to provide you with a working knowledge of the Bible, an intimate relationship with Christ, and a compassion for relationships with people.  The heart of Ministry is reconciling people to God through a balanced life of serving both God and people.

Required Courses for Track:

MIN-1013 – Introduction to Missions
This course seeks to guide missionaries (1) to understand the purposes of God that empowers missions; (2) to discern personal motives for carrying out that mission; (3) to learn how to be learners of a new culture and many other necessary segments of information that is essential to the missionary.

MIN-1023 – Introduction to Youth Ministry
Today’s pastor must have a working knowledge of youth ministry. This course is designed for anyone with a heart for working with children of all ages. Details of youth ministry are carefully examined.

MIN-1033 – The Ministry of Education
This course contains essential information for those preparing to serve as a director of education. It discusses the calling, the qualifications, the roles, the responsibilities and the rewards of Christian Education.

MIN-1043 – Applied Systematic Theology
An excellent course for discussions of Bible Doctrines at the introductory college level.

MIN-1053 – Introduction to Evangelism
A detailed, but introductory, study of evangelism. This course embraces evangelism as a necessary ingredient to effective ministry. It is a front line look at this often neglected part of the local church.

MIN-1063 – Church Growth
Most pastors and church leaders want growth. They have tried program after program, often with limited success. This course is designed to guide toward healthy and sustained growth.

MIN-1073 – Expository Preaching
This course shows that followers of Jesus, the Prince of preachers, must understand the necessity of walking as men and women of God, they must understand preparation and sermon delivery and finally, they must understand the breadth of the Word they are proclaiming. This is a primer for every preacher.

MIN-1083 – Family Ministry
This course is a guide to a church’s family ministry. It deals with strong as well as dysfunctional families and contains theological and biblical discussions of some of the major issues in marriage and family along with practical guidelines for most aspects of parenting and marriage.

MIN-1093 – Introduction to Eschatology
A complete introduction to the Christian view of the future. The text surveys eschatological teachings from both the Old and New Testaments.  Views of Christian and secular thinkers throughout history are discussed including the challenges posed by science, philosophy, and “new age” beliefs.

MIN-10103 – Ministry for Bereavement
A pace setting course on bereavement ministry. The programs outlined helps clergy or lay ministers to effectively deal with to those who, for whatever reason, are working their way through the grieving process.

MIN-10113 – The Pastor Under Fire
Thousands of ministers are being driven from the ministry (and church) each year by destructive antagonists.  This course offers remedial strategies for pastors and congregations who want to protect themselves against the abuse of parishioners with personality disorders, mental illnesses, and mean streaks in situations that go well beyond mere church conflict.

MIN-10123 – Foundations of Christian Education
With the unified vision of a Christian education faculty committed to integrating academic theory with ministry application, this course invites you to tour the Christian education field as it approaches the twenty-first century