Manual for Prospective Branches

1. Goals

Freedom Bible College and Seminary is dedicated to offering the best possible biblically based education available anywhere. It is our desire that every branch turn out graduates that are an asset to any ministry. We want every alumnus to be able to proudly proclaim, “I am a graduate of Freedom Bible College and Seminary!”
Our goal is clearly stated in our motto, “Educating the World to Save the World.” As a non-profit organization, FBCS is a ministry, not just a business.

2. Types of Branches

FBCS now offers two types of branches. The first is a Full Branch for those who wish to have a full-fledged branch offering the complete package of degrees using the FBCS curriculum. This type of branch will be under the direction of a local Branch President.
The second is our new Church Branch program. This program allows churches of any size to open a branch with less effort and concentrate mainly on their own congregation. The initial program includes two degree plans, Bachelor of Biblical Studies and Master of Ministry.

3. Getting Started

The process of establishing a branch of FBCS in your church or ministry is easier than you may have expected. Since we have branches and training centers across the nation and in many foreign countries, most of the legal procedures, policies and programs are already in place.
We work closely with you in every phase of the establishment to help you adapt our proven programs to your individual needs, but the daily administration is yours.

4. The Branch Application and Related Fees

Contact the FBCS offices for a copy of the Branch Application to be sent to you, or log on to to download one. Complete the application and send it by email attachment or by postal mail to FBCS – Siloam Springs. Include a check, money order or credit card number for the processing fee of $125.

5. The Branch President or Director

The Branch President or Director will be considered the ranking person in the branch and will answer only to FBCS on matters pertaining to FBCS. The Branch President or Director will report directly to Dr. Susan Hecox.

6. Qualifications of a Branch President or Director

A Branch President should hold at least an earned master’s degree in a Christian related field. Exceptions may be made if the prospective president is willing to enhance his/her education at FBCS at their own expense or free if they fall under certain criteria.

A Branch Director should hold at least an earned bachelor’s degree in a Christian related field. Exceptions may be made if the prospective president is willing to enhance his/her education at FBCS at their own expense or free if they fall under certain criteria.

7. Naming your Branch

The name of your branch must prominently feature the name Freedom. Our preferred name is either Freedom Bible College & Seminary at Your Town or Freedom Bible College & Seminary – Your Town Campus.

8. Using the Freedom Name

The name Freedom Bible College and Seminary has been advertised around the world. It has reached countless homes, churches and businesses. Many hundreds of hours have been dedicated to promoting the college. Commonly, FBCS often ranks in the top ten of the easiest to find sites in the world.

The name Freedom Bible College and Seminary has become synonymous with quality Christian education.

9. Accreditation

FBCS branches fall under the accreditation of ICAAI and will be encouraged to become accredited through the National Accrediting Agency of Private Theological Institutions as an FBCS branch.

10. On-Site Pre-Training

The required pre-training visit is very important to the branch and to FBCS. During this visit the applicant branch will receive forms, procedures and other detailed information and instruction. Ample time is allotted for questions, concerns and comments.
There is an $800.00 fee for the Branch opening and an $800.00 fee for training. Additionally, all incurred expenses related to the training visit including accommodations, food, all transportation (round-trip as well as on-site), and all other travel expenses such as baggage fees, etc. will be invoiced for reimbursement.

11. The Branch Agreement

A Branch Agreement must be signed either before the on-site visit or at the beginning of the onsite training session. Under no circumstances can the training session begin until this agreement is signed.

This agreement is simple and contains no surprises, but if you wish to have it examined by your attorney, please do so before the on-site visit.

12. Fees, Tuition and Salaries

The initial and one-time cost of establishing an FBCS Branch is a fee of $800.00 US payable to FBCS, Siloam Springs, AR. This fee is used to cover the initial administrative cost of procedures, tests, forms, phone calls, consultations, incorporation, etc. It does not cover travel, lodging and expenses incurred.

13. Courses and Textbooks

The curriculum of FBCS comprises more than 200 courses, so please use them freely. A representative from the main office will work with you as needed in the adaptation to your needs.

14. Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum consists of eight, three-hour courses for a total of twenty-four credit hours.

15. Degrees and Programs Offered at a Full Branch

For a complete list of more than forty-five certificate programs and degrees offered, please log on to
Other degree tracks are added on a regular basis. Check with FBCS if you don’t see what you want.

16. Teaching Procedures at a Full Branch

All branch instructors will be expected to teach from the pre-approved track of textbooks and materials. Of course, the Bible must stay the center and focal point of every course. If you see a need, or want to incorporate new courses, you should contact the home offices for approval.

17. Lab Work

We permit and encourage lab work for the students if it is are handled properly. You will receive complete guidelines during your branch training.

18. Teaching Procedures at the Church Branch

Church Branches have the option of making certain substitutions with prior approval from the board of FBCS. Courses must maintain the FBCS academic standards and must keep the Bible as the center and focal point to be approved.

19. Closing Comments

I want to personally congratulate you for considering a branch of Freedom Bible College and Seminary. We have no hidden agendas or selfish purposes. Our goal is to educate Christians of the world so that more souls can be brought to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
We are truly interdenominational. We have students from almost every Christian doctrinal background. Catholics share experiences with Pentecostals. Baptists and Lutherans walk in agreement that salvation is the bottom line of Christianity. Methodists weep in joy with Episcopalians at the goodness and mercy of God.
You are about to become a part of this unique ministry. You will expand your vision and goals. This is another step that will help prepare you for the move forward with the tools you need to meet the challenges of the last days.
We will work with you as you begin this new phase of your ministry. You are now a vital part of the stated mission of FBCS …Educating the World to Save the World.
God bless you as you move forward into His riches.

Dr. Vicki Reeves-Church, Chairman of the Board

Take the next step by clicking here to download the FBCS Branch Application. Please complete and return the form to the address below.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.