Christian Worker’s Certificate Program for the Visually Impaired

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The Christian Worker’s Certificate is designed for potential missionaries, pastors, and lay people who desire a greater knowledge of the Bible and a better understanding of the professional challenges of ministry. The Christian Worker’s Certificate Program for the Visually Impaired is an 18-hour program. All Courses are on audio tapes and testing is oral rather than written.  Tuition:  $2,321

Steps to entering this program:
1. You must answer “yes” to at least one of the following questions.
2. Enclose a note with your application package explaining which of the following applies to you.
3. Select the Christian Worker’s Certificate option on your application.

  • Are you are legally blind? (Your vision in the better eye is 20/200 or less with correcting glasses, or your widest diameter of visual field is no greater than 20 degrees.)
  • Is your vision impaired to the point that you cannot see well enough or focus long enough to read standard print, although you wear glasses to correct your vision?
  • Are you unable to handle print books or turn pages because of a physical handicap, even temporarily?
  • Have you been certified by a medical doctor as having a reading disability due to an organic dysfunction that is severe enough to prevent you from reading in the usual manner?

Required Courses:

BIB-30203 The Epistology of James

A study of James, half brother of Jesus. James is an enigmatic and puzzling work, but with proper exegetic it provides the Christian worker with a multi-dimensional look at the nature of apostates and instructions on how to deal with them. An audio taped series in the style of Dr. Dana Carpenter.

BIB-30223 The Epistology of Jude

Jude dwells in the shadows, but this audio taped course by Dr. Dana Carpenter approaches the study from a spiritual and literary-rhetorical standpoint with a lively and sure hand. His exegesis is comprehensive and adept. Jude’s subject matter gives the evidence of evil works and beliefs as a proof of false faith.

BIB-30233TP Ecclesiastes

BIB-30143TP Sermon on the Mount

This audio taped course by Dr. Dana Carpenter goes into the depths of the teachings of Christ during the Sermon on the Mount. This course is not only an in-depth study of Jesus’ teachings, but it is also a course that will lift up and encourage.

BSC-1063TP – Spiritual Warfare

This is a taped course by Dr. Dana Carpenter. It is not the same as BSC-1063, but works as a replacement. Spiritual warfare is an area that is often ignored, but every Christian should realize that they are fighting battles daily against the enemy and his influences.

CC-33223TP Song of Solomon

A taped course in the style of Dr. Dana Carpenter. This course covers probably the most controversial book in the Bible. The Song of Solomon is often misunderstood and misinterpreted even to the point that many would like it removed and declared non-canonical.