Core Curriculum

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The Core Curriculum is required for entry into any FBCS degree plan at any level. Students who have completed any of these courses may request a waiver when proof of completion is provided. Students who have an earned degree from any recognized theological institution are exempt from this requirement.

BSC-1013 Old Testament Survey

The text of this course is a widely used narrative survey of the Old Testament. This study is for college freshmen and sophomores whose primary educational modality has been visual. It is also used as a refresher for established Christians who may be entering higher levels of study, but have not formally taken a course like this one.

BSC-1023 New Testament Survey

Bible survey is fundamental to all Bible study.  New Testament Survey is an introduction to the message of the New Testament within the circumstances in which it was written.  This course will examine the world and culture of the New Testament as well as its inception, expansion, consolidation, canon, and ultimately its transmission throughout the world.

BSC-1033 Basic Christian Theology

A study that introduces the major doctrines of the Christian faith by showing how these doctrines answer questions that arise naturally in the minds of individuals. It is an excellent core for many areas of advanced study.

BSC-1043 Christian Scripture

Christian Scripture is an unapologetically biblical, confessional and evangelical study. The evangelical tradition is a movement that developed for the Great Awakenings in Northern Europe and North America.

BSC-1053 Prayer Essentials

This is a course that gives a step-by-step guide to building a church that prays. Gives methods to intentionally build prayer into the life and structure of the church as well as personal life.

BSC-1063 Spiritual Warfare

This course is designed for all Christians, babies or seasoned ministers of the Gospel. It will give insight to the spiritual war that is waging and will help prepare the student to face that war with confidence. The enemies of the Cross are exposed — not as opponent of flesh and blood, but as the spiritual principalities and powers they are.

BSC-1083 Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics

This course evaluates the various systems of interpretation, introduces the field of hermeneutics, describes the various levels of meaning, examines the basic principles and practice of biblical exegesis and analyzes the historical tradition

BSC-1093  Heaven

This course answers questions about heaven by sharing from extensive research on the topic – all from a biblical perspective.  “Heaven” will help readers strive for eternity while they’re living on earth.