Tuition & Additional Costs

Degree Search

Prospective students wishing to determine the total credit hours which will be required for their desired degree prior to enrolling may request a Degree Search.  The cost for this service is $25.00.  FBCS will evaluate transcripts, certificates, military service records and life/ministry experience and determine a degree plan for the prospective student.  If enrollment follows the Degree Search, the $25.00 cost will be credited toward the student’s tuition

Tuition and Fee Schedule 

Application Fee $25
Class Audit $250
Individual Courses $399
Certificate Programs $2,321
Christian Education Teaching Certificate (non-secular graduate) $799
Freedom Achiever’s Program (FAP) $199
Teaching Certificate $899
Associate Degree $3,299
Bachelor Degree $4,499
Master of Divinity $6,899
Master Degree (all other) $5,950
Doctorate Degree $7,950
Doctorate of Religious Research $9,950

(10% discount for full payment upon enrollment)

Tuition and Fee Schedule – Resident Students

Students should contact their resident branch or training center for current tuition rates and fees.

Progressive Senior Discount

FBCS offers a unique senior discount policy.  The amount of your discount increases with age.  You may calculate your own discount.  At sixty-five (65) years of age you will be awarded 10% tuition discount.  For every year thereafter you may deduct another 1%. Example: If you are 70 years of age you would receive 10% + 5% = 15% discount.  This discount does not apply to textbooks, but tuition only.

FBCS  Interest Free Payment Plan

We offer interest free payment plans for students who are not able to pay in full at time of enrollment.  Monthly tuition is based on the current degree of study as follows:

The subsequent payment are as follows:

Associate Degree Plan     –       $100.00 per month

Bachelor Degree Plan      –       $200.00 per month

Master Degree Plan         –       $300.00 per month

Doctorate Degree Plan    –       $400.00 per month

**Installment payments are due and payable each consecutive month, including scheduled breaks and summer vacation.  Non-payment will result in full tuition becoming due immediately**

For Your Convenience you may set up automatic payments through your credit or debit card.

Please Note: FBCS requires 2 (two) weeks notice to have your automatic payments discontinued.

Refund Policy

Students who have paid their tuition in full at enrollment may request a refund.  These requests must be submitted in writing.  Requests made during the first two weeks after acceptance of enrollment in FBCS will receive a full refund less processing fees.  After the initial two week period, the following refund policy applies:  Students wishing to withdraw within 30 Days of enrollment will receive a 70% tuition refund.  Students wishing to withdraw within 60 Days of enrollment will receive a 40% refund. Refunds will not be given after 60 days.  There are no refunds for monthly payments or application fees.


Text books

Students are required to purchase textbooks from Freedom Bible College & Seminary.  We make every effort to keep the cost of our textbooks as low as possible.  Currently textbooks for our curriculum range in price from $23 to $95 which is much lower than the cost of textbooks at traditional colleges. In addition, the cost includes shipping and testing materials.  A 10% textbook discount is offered when purchasing 6 or more textbooks at one time.  We do not always have them in stock, but sometimes used books can be purchased for a discounted rate.

Textbooks – International Students

The cost of shipping to students in foreign countries will be calculated and added to the cost of textbooks.

Late Fees

Tuition payments are due on the 1st or 15th day of each month unless other arrangements have been made.  Payments received three (3) days after your agreed upon due date will be charged a late fee of $25.00.