Freedom Bible College & Seminary Online Catalog

Freedom Bible College & Seminary offers church-related training courses and degrees which may or may not be transferable to academic colleges and universities accredited by agencies recognized by the United States Department of Education.

At FBCS, we are committed to equipping our students for service within the local and extended body of Christ, non-profit ministries, and world-wide mission work.   We do not pretend to compete with federally accredited Christian colleges and universities.  An FBCS education serves a separate niche of the student population who may not have time or resources to attend a full, academic university, but still need a specialized, biblical education to serve effectively in the Church.

What follows is a complete list of biblical Christian certificate programs and Bible college degrees for: bachelor degrees, master degrees and doctorate degrees.

Freedom Bible College & Seminary  is recognized by Bible colleges world-wide, providing low tuition and non-interest payment plans. We offer both distance learning and resident classes. Distance learning students are sent textbooks and materials for their degree program.  Assignments are submitted either through email or regular mail.  For students preferring a traditional classroom experience, we have several resident branches across the United States. Visit the Resident Branches link on our home page for more information.

– Core Curriculum and Electives

All degree programs require students to complete the Core Curriculum.
Some degree programs allow students to choose courses from our list of Electives.

– Independent Affiliated Certifications

Life Coach Certification

** Life Coach Certification is recommended for ALL students of counseling ministry.**

– Certificate Programs  

Biblical Studies Certificate
Christian Chaplaincy Certificate
Christian Education Teacher’s Certificate – Graduate
Christian Worker’s Certificate
Pastoral Certificate
Bible Teaching Certificate – Undergraduate

– Bachelor’s Degrees

Bachelor of Biblical Studies
Bachelor of Christian Education
Bachelor of Church History
Bachelor of Evangelism
Bachelor of Liberal Christian Studies
Bachelor of Ministry
Bachelor of Ministry – Church Management
Bachelor of Ministry – Church Leadership
Bachelor of Ministry – Prison and Hospital Chaplaincy
Bachelor of Ministry – General Christian Counseling
Bachelor of Ministry – Family & Emotional Counseling
Bachelor of Ministry – Abuse Counseling
Bachelor of Ministry – Youth Emphasis
Bachelor of Theology
Bachelor of World Missions

– Master’s Degrees

Master of Christian Education
Master of Church Leadership
Master of Divinity (Requires Thesis)
Master of Ministry
Master of Ministry –  Counseling  Emphasis
Master of Theology

– Doctoral Degrees

Doctorate of Christian Education
Doctorate of Ministry
Doctorate of Ministry – Counseling Emphasis
Doctorate of Theology

– Advanced Doctoral Degree in Religious Research (R.R.D.)

Doctorate of Religious Research

Important Note: These pages are primarily for distance learning students. For more information about resident campuses, please email or call 479-373-6420.