Frequently Asked Questions

Concerning Establishing and Running a Resident Branch of
Freedom Bible College and Seminary
1270 Hwy 412 W. Suite K
Siloam Springs, Arkansas 72761

What kind of degree do I have to have to start a branch?
To become a president you must have at least a bachelor’s degree. You can, however start a branch as a director without a degree and you will be upgraded to president once you have earned your degree. FBCS can help you in this area.

Does it matter what denomination I am?
No. As long as you are a Christian and accept our simple statement of faith you will be accepted.

Can I make an income with a branch?
Your goal should be to reach people, teaching them of the wonderful things of God, but yes, in the process, you will make money. Like any other business, it does take time to get started.

Do I have to start my branch in a church?
No. In fact, there are advantages to both starting on your own or with a church. You will learn more about this as you progress.

Will my branch of Freedom Bible College and Seminary be accredited?
Yes. We are accredited by the International Commission on Academic Accreditation, Inc. and the National Accrediting Agency of Private Theological Institutions. These are both private accrediting institutions, therefore, we do not have interference from any government body.

Can I offer correspondence courses?
No. Branches can offer only resident classes. Distance, correspondence and online classes are offered by the home offices in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

Will FBCS design a web page for me?
Yes. We will design and maintain your web page free of charge. Your branch will be linked from the main home page of FBCS.

What kind of degrees will I be able to offer?
You may offer any or all degrees that are offered by FBCS. For a complete list click on the link for our ONLINE CATALOG at

Can I allow the members of my church to attend classes free?
No. There is a charge for anyone attending classes.

Do I hold my own graduation ceremonies or may we attend the ones at the main campus?
We recommend that you hold your own graduation ceremonies; however if you are unable to do so, your students may attend graduation ceremonies with one of our other resident branches.

Do I have to pay my own expenses when I come to Siloam Springs?

What is the cost of starting a branch?
There is a branch fee of $1050 plus a training fee of $1050. There is also an application fee of $125 and a small fee for your background check.

Do I have to sign a contract?
Yes. We have a binding Branch Agreement that is signed by the proposed president/director and FBCS.

How much training will I receive?
You will receive 6 hours of extensive training.  Additional training hours depend on the question and answer forum.

How do I know I am operating legally in my state?
It is of the upmost importance that you check with your state government on requirements and incorporation guidelines for starting a school.

How long does it take me to get started?
We place top priority on getting you established very quickly. In most cases you are ready to start as soon as you complete the training sessions.

Will I be awarded an honorary degree?
Sometimes we do award honorary degrees to presidents. That is decided on an individual basis by the president of FBCS.

Will someone from Siloam Springs come to my graduation if I so request?
Yes. Depending upon the time available, Dr. Church or her representative will attend your graduation at your expense.

Do you have an approved curriculum that I will use in my branch.
Yes. In fact, you will only be permitted to teach from  our approved established curriculum, and all textbooks are required to be purchased directly from FBCS.