Master of Ministry – General Christian Counseling



Tuition: $5,500

The Master of Ministry – General Christian Counseling Track is 32 Hours – Total Hours Required 152

Designed to equip students as leaders and counseling professionals in the mental health field.

Prerequisite: Bachelor’s
Core Curriculum if requiredClick here for details
Hours required over the track are made up of life/work/ministry (LWMT) credits, prerequisites and electives.

Required Track Courses:

CC-5314 – Techniques of Christian Counseling
A course designed to help the student distinguish the importance of counseling in his/her own particular ministry.  The student will learn techniques of ministerial counseling in the local church.  Emphasis will be placed on the use of the Bible in counseling.

CC-5324 – Christian Counseling Ethics
Training for counseling students in which in-depth individual topics including ethical and legal considerations are researched.  The course will sensitize the student to the necessary relationship between counseling practice and his/her own assumptions.


CC-5344 – Crisis Counseling for Christians 
An examination of major stress and points from birth to death.  Attention is given to pragmatic and therapeutic responses to crisis points.

CC-5354 – Christian Counseling for Substance Abuse and Addiction
A course with emphasis on techniques for ministers and laypersons involved in Christian counseling for substance abuse and addiction.

CC-5374 – Christian Counseling for Families
In co-dependent situations, it is often impossible to effectively counsel a single member of a dysfunctional family. Counseling families equips the counselor for mediation and individual counseling of family members.

CC-5384 – Case Studies in Christian Counseling
This course seeks to answer the question: What is Christian counseling?  The answers come in the midst of a wealth of pertinent case studies.

CC-5394 – Effective Biblical Counseling for Youth
This course offers a comprehensive guide, which contains hard-hitting, relevant information on a wide variety of personal issues.  Each chapter begins with a case history followed by a discussion of the causes and effects of the problem, a biblical perspective, and the suggested response.

CC-53104 – Christian Marriage Counseling
An essential reference for counselors, therapists and pastors, this course offers a comprehensive manual for assisting couples over common rough spots and through serious problems in a manner that is compassionate and effective yet in a brief amount of time.  This course features Freedom Practical Application Project testing.

CC-53124 – Bereavement Ministry
This course features the Freedom Practical Application Project testing procedures which will give the student a sample of reality as they complete role-play counseling sessions.