Bachelor of Ministry – Church History

church history
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Tuition $4,500

The Bachelor of Ministry – Church History Track is 39 Hours – Total Hours Required 120

The purpose of this degree is to acquaint students with a broad perspective of church history.

Prerequisites:High School Diploma or equivalent
Core Curriculum – Click here for details
Hours required over the track are made up of life/work/ministry (LWMT) credits, prerequisites and electives.

HIS-4003 Church History I

This course makes church history easy to follow and easy to retain by dividing the Christian story into eight parts, each part one of the great ages of the church

HIS-4013 Church History II

Continuation of HIS-4003

HIS-4023 Documents of the Early Church I

Covering the whole range of Christian thought, this course is important to any student of the Bible. The text contains selections from the most important moments in the history of Christianity.

HIS-4033 Documents of the Early Church II

Continuation of HIS-4023

HIS-4043 Study of the Ecumenical Councils

This course illustrates the contribution of the ecumenical councils in the development and formulation of Christian beliefs.

HIS-4053 Christianity – Rise to Prominence

This course answers the question of how early Christianity became a successful religions movement.

HIS-4063 History of North American Christianity I

This course should bring forth the best available historical overview of the evolution of Christianity in North America from the early seventeenth century to the present.

HIS-4073 History of North American Christianity II

Continuation of HIS-4063

HIS-4083 Non Canonical Writings of the Early Church

Like much of the early church writings, the documents discussed in this course were written in the form of letters that deal with practical problems of the life of the early church.

HIS-4093 Backgrounds of Christianity I

This course presents a clear and thorough presentation of the social, political and religious background of the first-century Jewish and Greco-Roman milieu in which the New Testament was born.

HIS-40103 Backgrounds of Christianity II

Continuation of HIS-4093

HIS-40113 Christ to Constantine

This is a course that traces the history of the church from the time of Christ to the Great Persecution at the beginning of the fourth century and ending with the conversion of Constantine.

HIS-40123 Denominations in the United States

A complete study of denominations in the United States