Pastoral Certificate

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Tuition:  $2,320

The Pastoral Certificate program is 30 Hours.

Designed for lay ministers working in a variety of contexts including parishes and secular professions to develop the theological and spiritual grounding necessary to become wiser and  more effective ministers and leaders.

Required Courses:

ADM-8013 Handling and Avoiding Church Debt

Unlocking the jail cell of debt, this course gives suggestions on specific ways churches can speed up debt-reduction, expand ministries without taking on more debt, and stay financially free. Surveys scripture for advice to the church that seeks to borrow or lend.

BSC-1013 Old Testament Survey

The text of this course is a widely used narrative survey of the Old Testament. This study is for college freshmen and sophomores whose primary educational modality has been visual. It is also used as a refresher for established Christians who may be entering higher levels of study, but have not formally taken a course like this one.

BSC-1023 New Testament Survey

This course is a most enlightening look not only of the written Word of the New Testament, but for the examination of backgrounds and historical accounts of leaders of relevant eras. The text is excellent. It is clearly written and makes abundant use of visuals.

BSC-1033 Basic Christian Theology

A study that introduces the major doctrines of the Christian faith by showing how these doctrines answer questions that arise naturally in the minds of individuals. It is an excellent core for many areas of advanced study.

BSC-1053 Prayer Essentials

This is a course that gives a step-by-step guide to building a church that prays. Gives methods to intentionally build prayer into the life and structure of the church.

CC-3343 Basic Principles of Counseling I

A classic in biblical counseling, this course presents a model of counseling which can be gracefully integrated into the functioning of the local church.

CC-33203 Christian Healing for Victims of Abuse

Victims of abuse – any abuse – need to know how other people have made it through the recovery process. A victim of incest herself, the author of the text understands the myriad emotions that victims struggle with and offers ten proven steps toward recovery.

CER-2023 The Effective Minister of Education

This course contains essential information for those preparing to serve as a director of education. It discusses the calling, the qualifications, the roles, the responsibilities and the rewards of Christian Education.

CER-2043 Christian Counseling for Troubled Teens

This course is designed to be a guide for those in training for pastoral ministry and youth work, as well as a practical resource for women and men involved in ministry with teens and their families. It offers information about the important role clergy serve in the mental health care of families with teens.

MIN-3283 Stress Among Christian Workers

Today’s society propels Americans toward ever-increasing stress levels. This course addresses the importance of trusting God, reducing stressors, and leading a mentally and physically healthy Christian life.