Bachelor of Ministry

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Tuition: $4,500

The Bachelor of Ministry Track is 39 Hours – Total Hours Required are 120

Provides students with a biblical and practical foundation for ministry through courses in ministry leadership, congregational dynamics, and ministry practice.  This degree program is ideal for you if you are actively involved in the local church and other Christian organizations.

Prerequisite: High School Diploma or equivalent
Core Curriculum – Click here for details
Hours required over the track are made up of life/work/ministry (LWMT) credits, prerequisites and electives.

Required Track Courses:

MIN-1073 – Expository Preaching

This course shows that followers of Jesus, the Prince of preachers, must understand the necessity of walking as men and women of God.  They must understand preparation and sermon delivery and they must understand the breadth of the Word they are proclaiming.  This is a primer for every preacher.

MIN-3203 – Basics of Christian Education

Filled with valuable information, this entry level course is a prerequisite to becoming an accomplished Christian educator. This textbook is 314 pages of information and guidelines that should be a part of an educator’s library.

MIN-3213 – Christian Social Ministry

The text of this course is biblically rooted, historically informed, theologically thorough, and eminently practical. It deals with contemporary social issues using Christian ministry.

MIN-3223 – Church Administration I

Guidelines and procedures for administering effectively the work of a local church. This course helps to prepare the pastor, deacon, elder or lay person the art of church administration.

MIN-3233 – History of Evangelism

The text for this course is an interesting and highly readable account of the history of evangelism. This course is a must for pastors, missionaries and especially those with a call for evangelism. It is commonly used in Bible colleges around the world.

MIN-3243 – Christian Leadership Development

This course guides leaders in identifying and nurturing leadership skills in those who surround them. The author of the textbook notes that while many leaders are skilled in seeing the “big picture,” they need other leaders to help them transform that vision into reality. Discusses ways to develop, equip and coach potential leaders.

MIN-3253 – Renewing of the Mind

This course gives the student practical application as well as instructional insight to help achieve a renewed mind in Christ.

MIN-3263 – Essential Skills of Preaching

Utilizing the tools acquired as a result of the successful completion of this course, the student will be able to read, analyze and critique the sermons of Gospel preachers. The student will become acquainted with the requirements and preparation methods of effective Gospel preaching, as well as the fundamentals of actual sermon delivery.

MIN-3273 – Intrinsic Healing I

The text for this course presents an in depth look at nouthetic counseling. Without the background of the Bible and the leading of the Holy Spirit, the counselor is little more than a sounding board. The student will find how to offer true intrinsic healing for the counselee.

MIN-3283 – Stress Among Christian Workers

Today’s society propels Americans toward ever-increasing stress levels. This course addresses the importance of trusting God, reducing stressors, and leading a mentally and physically healthy Christian life. It equips the student to recognize the symptoms of stress, providing counseling insights for helping those affected.

MIN-3293 – Applied Homiletics

Any serious student of ministry will benefit from this course designed as a homiletic primer. A minister’s guide to proper interpretation of God’s Word.

MIN-32103 – Ethics in Leadership

This course will help ministers sharpen their personal and professional decision making skills in areas such as family life, sexual vulnerability, confidentiality, truth-telling, relating to other ministers, political involvement and other areas of concern. Includes a collection of codes of ethics from different denominations.

MIN-32143 – Christian Worship

A course dedicated to teaching effective worship. The student will gain new insight in the practice of corporate and private Christian worship.