Master of Ministry – Theology

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Tuition: $5,500

The Master of Ministry – Theology Track is 32 Hours – Total Hours Required 152

Enhanced theological studies geared toward individuals seeking an introductory graduate degree in religion for service in a supportive role in their local church.

Prerequisites: Bachelor’s Degree
Core Curriculum if required Click here for details
Hours required over the track are made up of life/work/ministry (LWMT) credits, prerequisites and electives.

Required Track Courses:

TH-5114 –  Old Testament Theology II
Explores the difficulty in determining the true nature, method, scope, and motivation for Old Testament theology.  Proposes the promise of God as the Creator of Old Testament theology, and applied this solution to each of the Testament eras.

TH-5134 –  Doctrines of Christian Faith II
A presentation of the key doctrines of the Christian faith. Designed as a core text for introductory courses in Christian theology and doctrine.

TH-5164 –  Integrative Theology I

TH-5174 –  Integrative Theology II

TH-5184 –  Integrative Theology III
These three courses cover an in-depth study of Integrative Theology will help Christians establish a solid, biblical foundation for their faith; learn to defend what they believe without contradiction and in the face of conflicting opinions; and practically apply their convictions to spiritual growth, service and communicating the gospel to others.
One book is required for the three courses.

TH-51104 –  Applied Systematic Theology
This is an excellent course for discussions of Bible Doctrines at the introductory and advanced college level. core study used widely at both the college and seminary levels.

TH-51114 –  Old Testament Revisited
This course will give the student a comprehensive understanding of the Old Testament as a whole. It will provide the student with the highlights of the entire scope of the thirty-nine books of the Old Testament, including pivotal events, important dates, significant geographical locations and key characters.

TH-51134 – Eschatology III
An advanced course that presents the Bible’s account of the future. It covers topics such as the rapture, the second coming, the tribulation, the resurrection, the judgments, the millennium and the eternal state. An excellent course for all serious students of biblical studies.