Biblical Studies Certificate

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Tuition: $2,320

The Biblical Studies Certificate is a 30-hour program.

For students who want to expand their knowledge of the Bible and improve their effectiveness in ministry.  Will allow you to gain a practical knowledge of biblical interpretation, doctrine, evangelism and discipleship.

Required Course Work:

BSC-1013 Old Testament Survey

The text of this course is a widely used narrative survey of the Old Testament. This study is for college freshmen and sophomores whose primary educational modality has been visual. It is also used as a refresher for established Christians who may be entering higher levels of study, but have not formally taken a course like this one.

BSC-1023 New Testament Survey

This course is a most enlightening look not only of the written Word of the New Testament, but for the examination of backgrounds and historical accounts of leaders of relevant eras. The text is excellent. It is clearly written and makes abundant use of visuals.

BSC-1033 Basic Christian Theology

A study that introduces the major doctrines of the Christian faith by showing how these doctrines answer questions that arise naturally in the minds of individuals. It is an excellent core for many areas of advanced study.

BSC-1053 Prayer Essentials

This is a course that gives a step-by-step guide to building a church that prays. Gives methods to intentionally build prayer into the life and structure of the church.

BIB-1023 Biblical Geography

This course is designed for students at any level. It gives a geographical look at Bible places, past and present. The textbook presents artists’ reconstructions which portray fourteen sites from the Old and the New Testaments – including Jericho and the cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem – as they looked in biblical and modern times.

BIB-3003 Origins of the Bible

The text of this course includes over 300 pages of facts, historical tracings and references concerning the origin of the biblical canon. The student will gain valuable insight and respect for those who paid great prices to follow God’s plan of recording His Holy Word.

BIB-30123 Chronology of Christ

Studies Scripture and extra-biblical sources to determine key dates in the life of Christ. Examines the date of his birth, the commencement of his ministry, the duration of his ministry, the day and year of his crucifixion. Bibliography and index. Biblical Studies, Life and Teachings of Christ.

BIB-30133 The Works of Jesus

This course traces the events of Jesus’ life from his birth to his ascension. It frequently cites the best of other works written about Christ. It contains an expanded outline of the life of Christ, historical and geographical background material, indexes, and studies on the Life and Teachings of Christ.

BIB-30143 Sermon on the Mount

Provides students with an in-depth look into Matthew 5-7, Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.  The meaning of the text is explained verse by verse and also guides the student on how to apply the truths they find by relating the concerns of the text to today’s world, the church, and the realities of the Christian life.

CER-2023 The Effective Minister of Education

This course contains essential information for those preparing to serve as a director of education. It discusses the calling, the qualifications, the roles, the responsibilities and the rewards of Christian Education.