Bible Teaching Certificate

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Tuition: $850

The Undergraduate Teaching Certificate requires 12 Hours.

This certificate is geared toward adult students of any age who wish to increase their knowledge of the Bible and receive instruction on how to teach others.

Required Courses:

ED-1013 The Bible Teacher

This course is an essential guide for all who teach the Bible or are considering teaching Bible study classes at any level. It combines the wisdom of experience with insights gleaned from interviews with leading master level Bible teachers. It is filled with advice that will help Bible teachers at all levels of experience.

ED-1023 Beginning College Classroom Instruction

ED-1023 is full of experience-tested, research-based advice for graduate students and new teaching faculty. It provides a range of innovative and traditional strategies that work well without requiring extensive preparation or long grading sessions. What do you put on the syllabus? How do you balance lectures with group assignments or discussions? How do you get a dialogue going when the students won’t participate? What grading system is fairest and most efficient for your class? How do you prevent cheating, and what do you do if it occurs?

ED-1033 Advanced College Classroom Instruction

This course presents an insightful look at what makes a great teacher, based on a study of three dozen teachers from a cross section of disciplines from medical-school faculties to undergraduate departments. The text concludes that the quality of teaching is measured not by whether students pass exams but whether they retain the material to such an extent that it influences their thoughts and actions.