Doctorate of Ministry -Christian Education



Tuition: $7,500

This is a biblical doctorate designation, it is not equivalent to an academic PhD.

The Doctorate of Ministry – Christian Education Track is 32 Hours – Total Hours Required 184

Prerequisites: Master’s Degree and a Doctoral Dissertation
Core Curriculum if requiredClick here for details
Hours required over the track are made up of life/work/ministry (LWMT) credits, prerequisites and electives.

Required Track Courses:

ED-7314 – Teaching for Results in Christian Education
Dr. Edge, the author of the test for this course, says that Bible teachers’ success lies in their ability to establish and achieve teaching goals.  This course is a classic resource for ministers of education and Sunday school teachers.

ED-7334 – Developing Christian Counseling Strategy
The student will review a whole range of opinions concerning the place of counseling in the local church.  While acquiring a knowledge base for the development of a counseling stratagem in his/her own church, the student will become familiar with the practices and the techniques of training others.

ED-7344 – The Effective Minister of Education
This course contains essential information for those preparing to serve as a director of education.  It discusses the calling, the qualifications, the roles, the responsibilities and the rewards of Christian Education.

ED-7394 – Directing Christian Education
This course for church educators gives a biblical foundation for jobs in Christian education as well as specific suggestions to get church education program in tiptop shape.

ED-73104 – Progressive Christian Leadership
This course for church leaders focuses on the relationships, structures, and processes common to the religious congregation. The emphasis is on transforming people through the identification and maximization of effective processes within.

ED-7364 – Dissertation Phase I

ED-7374 – Dissertation Phase II

ED-7384 – Dissertation Phase III