Bachelor of Ministry – Biblical Studies

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 Tuition: $4,500

The Bachelor of Ministry – Biblical Studies Track is 39 Hours.  Total Hours Required 120

Designed to prepare students to serve as a ministry leader, staff member, lay leader, or volunteer by possessing the skills to think biblically about the issues facing Christian ministry and bringing value to your ministry team.  Other opportunities include serving as a missionary, associate pastor or in other ministry capacities.  Students will also be prepared to pursue a Master of Divinity or other Seminary Degree options.


A High School Diploma or equivalent.
Core Curriculum – Click here for details
Hours required over the track are made up of life/work/ministry (LWMT) credits, prerequisites and electives.

Required Track Courses:

BIB-1023 – Biblical Geography

This course is designed for students at any level. It gives a geographical look at Bible places, past and present. The textbook presents artists’ reconstructions which portray fourteen sites from the Old and the New Testaments — including Jericho and the cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem–as they looked in biblical and modern times.

BIB-3003 – Origins of the Bible

The text of this course includes over 300 pages of facts, historical tracings and references concerning the origin of the biblical canon. The student will gain valuable insight and respect for those who paid great prices to follow God’s plan of recording His Holy Word.

BIB-3013 – The Identity of Jesus

Jesus and His claims are the heart of Christianity. The four Gospels are the most significant sources of information about Jesus. This course gives a survey of the life and teaching of Christ — drawing on the four Gospels.

BIB-3023 – New Testament Background

A core study used widely at both the college and seminary levels. Designed to alert students to key issues in each chapter of the text. The book provides end-of-chapter reviews and shows connections between material in different chapters.

BIB-3033 – Old Testament Theology I

This course is a modified systematic model for use as a core text in the study of Theology. The text is up-to-date, readable and user friendly.

BIB-3043 – Hermeneutics

This course textbook is a trendsetter in hermeneutics. Today’s Christian element demands concise and complete hermeneutical teachings. The student will piece together the elements of Biblical interpretation that will add depth and accuracy to the message, lesson or devotion.

BIB-3053 – Doctrines of Christian Faith

A presentation of the key doctrines of the Christian faith. Designed as a core text for introductory courses in Christian theology and doctrine.

BIB-3063 – History of Evangelism

The text for this course is an interesting and highly readable account of the history of evangelism. This course is a must for pastors, missionaries and especially those with a call for evangelism. It is commonly used in Bible colleges around the world.

BIB-3073 – Understanding the Bible

This course offers a comprehensive overview of the Bible. Gaining an understanding of the context helps the novice scripture reader get the most from readings. It leads the reader through exercises designed to facilitate a correct understand of God’s Word.

BIB-3083 – Christology

Upon the completion of this course the student will be familiar with the fundamental teaching of Christology. The student will have a better understanding of the relationship of Christ to the Godhead, His Deity as it related to the virgin birth, incarnation, transfiguration, death, burial and resurrection. The student will also become familiar with Christ’s relationship to key events in the Old and New Testaments and understand how these events are important to the message of the Gospel.

BIB-3093 – Introduction to Hebrew Prophets

Introduction to Hebrew Prophets is a course that deals with the Hebrew prophets as preachers and ministers who carried the awesome responsibility of funneling God’s spoken word to mankind. It offers information that is a key to a sound education in Biblical Studies.

BIB-30103 – Skills of Bible Reading

The course provides keys to interpreting the genre and discusses the hermeneutical questions it raises for today’s Christian. The text is about hermeneutics without jargon or footnotes. It is very readable and student friendly.

BIB-30123 – Chronology of Christ I (Free Elective)

Studies Scripture and extra biblical sources to determine key dates in the life of Christ.  Examines the date of His birth, the commencement of His ministry, the duration of His ministry, the day and year of His crucifixion.

– OR –

BIB-30143 – Sermon on the Mount

Provides students with an in-depth look into Matthew 5-7, Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.  The meaning of the text is explained verse by verse and also guides the student on how to apply the truths they find by relating the concerns of the text to today’s world, the Church, and the realities of the Christian life.