Bachelor of Ministry -Christian Education

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Tuition: $4,500

The Bachelor of Ministry – Christian Education Track is 39 Hours – Total Hours Required 120

This course is designed to prepare students to teach in a Christian School Classroom. Courses emphasize philosophy and methodology of Christian education and introduces students to strategies for planning, preparing instructional materials and instruction to teach effectively in a Christian School.

Prerequisites: High School Diploma or equivalent
Core Curriculum – Click here for details
Hours required over the track are made up of life/work/ministry (LWMT) credits, prerequisites and electives.

Required Track Courses:

ED-3403 – Elements of Biblical Teaching
This course is a classic guide for both the minister of education and Sunday School teachers which both inspires and gives a solid base of understanding.

ED-3413 – Ministry of Teaching (Learning to Teach)
A course to prepare Christian education directors and the teachers under their supervision to recognize both the traditional and nontraditional opportunities to teach.

ED-3423 – Church Administration I
When the student successfully completes this course, he/she will understand the foundational principles of Biblical leadership. The student should comprehend the primary requisites of pastoral leadership; how to get along with people; how to lead people more effectively; and how to organize and manage a staff of volunteer workers, including a strategy for the productive advertising and promotion of the local church and other types of Christian ministries.

ED-3433 – Doctrines of Christian Faith I
A presentation of the key doctrines of the Christian faith. Designed as a core text for introductory courses in Christian theology and doctrine.

ED-3443 – History of Evangelism
The text for this course is an interesting and highly readable account of the history of evangelism. This course is a must for pastors, missionaries and especially those with a call for evangelism. It is commonly used in Bible colleges around the world.

ED-3463 – Christian Social Ministry
Today’s church has become a social event as well as a spiritual event. Ministers, Christian educators and teachers must prepare themselves to meet the needs of this demanding area.

ED-3473 – Effective Teaching
Designed for adult teachers. Gives instruction on how to recognize poor teaching and provides the steps to successful teaching. Gives tips on how to master a biblical text, interpret it, discover its relevance to everyday living and develop the key ideas of each passage.

ED-3483 – Christian Education Administration
A comprehensive study of the theory and practice of administering church educational programs. Explains principles which have been used in businesses, educational institutions and military organizations.

ED-3493 – Adult Education for Christian Educators
A course with an excellent treatment of adult education in the contemporary Christian education ministry.

ED-34103 – History of Christian Education
A look at the philosophy and history behind modern Christian Education.

ED-34123 – Free Elective

– or –

ED-34153 – Christian Worker’s Computer Skills
An entry level computer skills course

ED-34133 – God’s Healing for Damaged Emotions
A course for all counselors, no matter what capacity. It deals with deep seated emotional problems.

ED-34143 – Freedom From Bondage
This course is designed to help Christians learn how to overcome negative habits and irrational feelings and find freedom in Christ. The text presents a helpful study guide that will lay a foundation for true spiritual growth and understanding.