Master of Ministry – Church Leadership


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Tuition: $5,500

Master of Ministry – Church Leadership is a 32 Hour Program.  152 Total Credit Hours Required

An advanced program which combines the principles of organizational behavior with biblical standards of leadership, giving students practical management skills and critical leadership abilities.

Prerequisites: Bachelor’s Degree
Core Curriculum if required – Click here for details
Hours required over the track are made up of life/work/ministry (LWMT) credits, prerequisites and electives.

Required Track Courses:

CL-5504 – Church Leadership Assessment

Based on the biblical principles and leadership research, this course includes tools for leadership assessment and shows how to improve all aspects of church leadership.

CL-5514 – Church Team Leadership III

In place of dogmatic control, personality worship, and power plays, th is course lays the biblical base for servant leadership.

CL-5524 – Spiritual Leadership

The text for Spiritual Leadership is one of the most highly regarded and best-selling books, encouraging leaders in business and church to follow God’s design for success.  This companion interactive study personalizes the experience of learning the ways in which God develops, guides and empowers leaders.

CL-5534 – Leadership in the Old Testament

This course creates a picture of God’s ways, offering deep insight that students can apply to their own lives.  Purpose, obedience, faith, character, and influence are among the themes that are included.

CL-5544 – Hearing God’s Voice

God speaks to individuals in ways that are unique to each person.  After you learn to listen to God, hearing from God will be as natural as communicating with a close friend.

CL-5564 – Jesus, the Model of Leadership I

This course provides the tools to help students find success in their work and personal relationships by better understanding their own tendencies.  It reveals which above the line behaviors are most productive and shows how to avoid destructive below the line attitudes.

CL-5574 – Jesus, the Model of Leadership II

Combining a fresh examination of Jesus’ ministry with insights of the best recent discussions of leadership, the text of this course challenges readers to become transformational leaders on the job, in the church, and in the public arena.

CL-5584 – Transforming Church

Using the story of the five churches wrestling with changes and searching for genuine growth in their ministry, this course identifies the five dysfunctions of an unhealthy church and the five characteristics of a growing, healthy congregation.  Hopeful and encouraging in tone, the text will help churches identify and resolve common frustration churches face and become a healthy church that is relevant and life giving to society.