Bachelor of Ministry – Church Leadership

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Tuition: $4,500

The Bachelor of Ministry – Church Leadership Track is 39 Hours – Total Hours Required 120

An emphasis in leadership designed to teach students to prepare for the challenges of pastoral and organizational leadership.  The courses will contribute to competencies that transform their understanding and practice of leadership, and thus promote the growth of healthy churches.

Prerequisites: High School Diploma or equivalent
Core Curriculum if required – Click here for details
Hours required over the track are made up of life/work/ministry (LWMT) credits, prerequisites and electives.

Required Track Courses:

CL-4103 – Church Team Leadership I
Few responsibilities bedevil church leaders like that of managing a church staff. Faced with staff tension, rivalry, and dramatically high turnover rates, leaders often discover that the reality of day-to-day life in the church office bears little resemblance to their preconceptions regarding how a church should operate.

CL-4113 – Ethics in Church Leadership II
Now more than ever, accountable leadership and sound management practices have become priority concerns in congregations of every faith. This course offers congregation leaders, both clergy and laity, expert counsel on the most critical ethical, legal, and financial issues they are likely to face.

CL-4123 – Ethics in Church Leadership I
This course deals with sensitive issues such as infidelity, child abuse, AIDS, homosexuality and unexpected pregnancies – no church is immune from these difficult social problems.

CL-4133 – Church Team Leadership II
Most leadership in today’s churches comes from “solo practitioners”– individuals who bear the burden of providing all the direction the ministry. Inevitably, this results not only in burned-out leaders, but underutilized lay people who merely attend and observe rather than becoming actively engaged in ministry, growing in discipleship, and freeing professional staff to focus on pastoral priorities.

CL-4153 – Effective Church Leadership I
This course helps missionary pastors grow their leadership by cultivating new understandings and practices in seven key areas. It guides pastors and key leaders in building on their creativity and imagination in order to revitalize their local churches and advance their missions.

CL-4163 – Leadership for Small Churches
Seventy-five percent of America’s churches have an average weekly attendance of 150 or less. This text for this course is a useful and “user friendly” guide specifically written for pastors of small Christian congregations, and presents effective ways to better serve the faithful, as well as attracting more parishioners to the Church’s ministry.

CL-4173 – Effective Church Leadership II
This course examines such subjects as vision, raising resources, developing the leaders around you, developing your own leadership style, decision-making, self-leadership, endurance, and the “God-factors” in leadership.

CL-4183 – Mobilization of Church Leaders
A valuable course that describes the benefits, the structure, and the culture of an “equipping church” and shows how your congregation can become one. It discusses what might your church look like if its members became vital, fully empowered partners in ministry.

CL-4193 – Using Students in Church Leadership
Like it or not, teenagers still listen to each other more than to an adult youth worker. Students talking to each other usually means more to them than adults talking to them. Using Students in Leadership helps to equip senior highers for leading their peers.

CL-41103 – Life-Changing Discipleship
Something is desperately wrong with most churches today. Many sincere followers of Christ who are passionate for God and his work are unaware of the crucial link between emotional health and spiritual maturity.

CL-41113 – The Community-Effective Church I
Churches should be originals, not copies of other churches that have duplicated other churches. Maybe it is time to break some of the age-old traditions that have never worked. This course will challenge the comfort zone of many pastors and church leaders.

CL-41123 – The Undershepherd
This course challenges leaders to keep their eyes on the non-negotiables. It helps them focus on the heart of the matter – the heart of the Shepherd. This may be the secret for effective ministry in today’s pagan culture.

CL-41133 – The Community Effective Church II
This course reveals nine critical habits proven to make a church an effective local body. It dispels popular myths and wrong beliefs as to what constitutes a thriving church in today’s society and is an excellent resource for ministry leaders who are seeking or willing to reevaluate and restructure a church.