Bachelor of Ministry – General Christian Counseling

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Tuition: $4,500

The Bachelor of Ministry – General Christian Counseling Track is 39 Hours – Total Hours Required 120

Provides students with the education to provide guidance to people who are confronted with crisis or uncertainties.  Students learn to offer support and resolution guidance through a spiritual context.

Prerequisite: High School Diploma or equivalent
Core Curriculum if required – Click here for details
Hours required over the track are made up of life/work/ministry (LWMT) credits, prerequisites and electives.

Required Track Courses:

CC-3303 – Introduction to Psychology

The study for entering students in which the basic therapeutic skills are taught. Focus is placed on skills necessary in all types of Christian applications of Psychology.

CC-3313 – Developing Christian Counseling Strategy

The student will review a whole range of opinions concerning the place of counseling in the local church. While acquiring a knowledge base for the development of a counseling stratagem in his/her own church, the student will become familiar with the practices and techniques of training others.

CC-3323 – Conflict Management in the Church

The skilled church pastor, administrator, educator or worker must know how to deal with . This course is designed to help prepare not only for the conflict, but also delves into preventative measures for future problems. (Same book MIN-5224, ED-5444 & CC-3323)

CC-3343 – Basic Principles of  Counseling I

A classic in Biblical counseling, this course presents a model of counseling which can be gracefully integrated into the functioning of the local church.

CC-3353 – Basic Principles of Counseling II

A continuation of CC-3343

CC-3393 – Counseling Theology

At some point in ministry, every pastor and Christian counselor will find himself in counseling situations.  This course approaches several delicate areas of counseling from an empathetic and compassionate perspective.

CC-33103 – Short Term Christian Counseling

The days of long term psychoanalysis are considered over by many in the counseling profession. This course addresses the benefits and disadvantages of short term counseling lasting 6 to 8 weeks; it provides a systematic approach to accomplishing essential steps in the counseling process between client and counselor.

CC-33223 – Song of Solomon

A taped course in the style of Dr. Dana Carpenter. This course covers probably the most controversial book in the Bible. The Song of Solomon is often misunderstood and misinterpreted even to the point that many would like it removed and declared non canonical. Obviously, the Song of Solomon is a God-breathed marriage relationship handbook.

CC-33313 – Practical Foundations

Designed to help the student uncover the roots of evangelical Christianity by looking critically at beliefs and practices of contemporary evangelicalism that are out of harmony with historic Christianity.  The text examines the era of the early church (A.D. 100-500) and particularly the second century offering insights that evangelicals need to recover for worship, theology, mission, and spirituality.

CC-33153 – Christian Counseling I

This course offers a wealth of up-to-date information in the Gary Collins style. It is a course offering examinations of basic therapeutic skills and practices. The student will learn how to listen and observe in order to let the counselee express inner thoughts and blockages.

CC-33163 – Christian Counseling II

A continuation of CC-33153

CC-33263 – Equipping Saints to Counsel

CC-5384 – Case Studies in Christian Counseling

This course seeks to answer the question: What is Christian counseling? The answers come in the midst of a wealth of pertinent case studies.